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14/9 Spend your energy ONLY on being YOU with Diane Jones

Airing March 3rd-5th-7th- at 8am PT/ 11am ET on Happiness and Success with Angela Goodeve guest Diane Jones

In this week’s show we expand on what could be the most important topic in achieving happiness and success…the topic of authenticity, self-reflection and expression of your true heart’s desire.

With so many messages from our Parents; the Media our Friends;Teachers; Managers; etc, etc telling us how we “should” behave, how we “should” be, how we “should” think…AND what we “shouldn’t” or “can’t” do, say, think and be it makes it REALLY hard to “get back” to our true authentic selves!

If you listened and watched the past shows on PLV Radio, Dear Angela on Happiness and Success and Path to Joy and Prosperity on CEM TV you will have seen some great discussions on how to embrace our authenticity and live a happy life.

This week we have another brilliant Guest talking about this important topic in our personal growth and self-evolution.

Airing Live Monday,repeating Wednesdays & Fridays PST Canada, check show schedules for times. Tune in to live broadcasts now on  Shoutcast, Or you can listen to or download past shows from soundcloud.

You can listen and watch the past shows here:

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 Let me introduce you to Diane Jones!

Diane Jones is a Professional Life/Empowerment Coach (certification from School of Coaching Mastery) and enthusiastic Student of Life, with a background in Human Resource Management. She is based in Massachusetts and touches lives worldwide. Diane revels in catalyzing insights and passion in her wonderful clients, allowing them to transform and bring more and more of themselves to life, rev up their joy, and grace the world with their unique gifts.

Her clients have called her big-hearted, intuitive, fun, accepting, and possessing a knack for gently addressing their individual needs in the moment and moving them forward toward their best lives. Diane’s passion for personal development and her deep experiential knowledge gained by bringing herself through many of life’s difficult and painful challenges create immense value for clients. Her abilities and experience help her to understand your issues and support you in recognizing and manifesting your greatness.

Have a sense that there’s more for your life and something might be holding you back? Find Diane, connect for a complimentary session, and see some testimonials at

 More on Angela and her shows go to /happiness-and-success-in-life/


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