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14/8 What Is Your Body REALLY Trying To Tell YOU?

Airing 24th-26th-28th February at 1 pm on Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull


What is your body REALLY trying to tell you? For every physical dis-ease or ailment, there is an underlying belief or emotion attached to it that is trying to get your attention. By the time a physical ailment shows up on the physical level, your emotions and beliefs have been trying to get your attention for a very long time. True healing occurs on all levels of the mind, body and the spirit.

Join Susan on “Breakthrough”  to find out how you can uncover the emotions and beliefs behind your aches, pains and dis-eases, or enter our live chat to ask what emotion or belief might be plaguing you at the moment and how you can begin to heal from the inside out.

For upcoming and past show and more on Susan /

Susan will also be interviewed by with with Suma Nathan  on Thursday


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