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14/7 Lighten UP Life with NEBN

Airing 17-19-21st at 2-30 pm on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch

Wendy Binggeli and Kornelia Dengel, members of our New Earth Business Network, join me once again in another delightful conversation chock full of life lessons.

We invite you to meditate along with us and consider the seed we plant during an exercise to help you gain clarity for your life’s purpose. We welcome your response to deepen the conversation about how do you want to show up in the world. One piece of advice from Kornelia is to lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously. And, Wendy, brilliantly offers us insights with her unique way of looking at life.

Wendy Binggeli ~ Wendy lives and breathes Law of Attraction. Her passion is to help folks to step into their potential to create the lives that they want… and she’s very good at it! Wendy’s specialties are inspiring, coaching, writing and speaking.

Cloud 9 Coaching

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Kornelia Dengel ~ is respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership.  She specializes in Emotional Processing, and created a Wholeness Coaching Certification Program, which has brought forth a Universal Community of coaches whom are committed to raising the consciousness of the planet. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for herself and others.  She coaches clients worldwide in the field of spirituality and personal empowerment.

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You may call her at 360-941-5783

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