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14/7 About those Jerks!

Transforming Relationships with Julieanne O’Connor and guest Tiffany Phillips Originally Aired February 17th 2014


Transforming Relationships welcomes Special Guest, Actor, Comedian, Writer and Star of I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like, Tiffany Phillips .  Tune-in as our host, Julieanne O’Connor speaks freely with Tiffany Phillips about attracting the bad boys, bad choices in relationships, and the importance of laughing at yourself.  What’s it all about to project that sexually in-control person that you wish you really were?  Tiffany tells it like it is and shares openly about just how much she loves men, how she merely plays the part of the independent woman who can do it all herself, and she addresses the pointless use of armour in protecting a heart.


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Join us for a candid talk about failures in love, insecurities and how to truly ground yourself in your self-worth.  Please email Julieanne with your questions, comments, stories or quotes about relationships to

For more about I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like, please visit and on Tiffany’s shows living-unapologetically

 I Never Met A Jerk I Didn’t Like


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