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14/52 Your Mouth Says it All

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Florentina Galla Originally , aired December 30th/14 

Mouth Care and Alternative Medicine

Your mouth the first defence in your health, what you put in your mouth dictates your bodies reaction good and bad, everything starts with the mouth. The toxins in your mouth affect your teeth which in turn hurts your colon, kidneys, liver, heart and brain. Bad teeth bad health and the foods we eat are the start of it all. Also, Mercury poisoning from your teeth must be removed slowly to bring back your health.

The Mouth you want   The mouth your don’t want 

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The foods you eat, how you take care of your teeth, and managing your stress is the key to overall good health.

Who would have thought that a regular hygiene appointment could inform you about oil pulling, grounding, organic fruits and vegetables, or grass-fed meat? What about bio-individuality, chi energy, ozone therapy, CRP levels, and proper digestion? This book shows you just that. Eliminating metals-especially Mercury from your mouth, together with a detox program, results in amazing improvements in the health of gums and teeth. Learn how to fight stress the great secret to combating inflammation and bleeding and to build a positive mind! “Because we are all unique, everyone’s saliva is different-thick, ropy, or watery-their pH is different, the amount of calculus/tartar deposits is different. Differences depend on lifestyle, bio-individuality, stress, work environment, relationship status, and so on; therefore, no answer fits everyone, no diet fits everyone, and no cleaning fits everyone”

Florentina was born in Bucharest, where she spent her first four-and-a-half years in an orphanage. She was adopted and raised in the middle of a tough communist regime that shaped her tough skin yet challenged her soul and made her wonder who she really was. In 1996 she came to the US with her son to start a new life. She had different, new obstacles: going back to school, learning a new language, working, and raising her son all at the same time. She is a registered dental hygienist from New Jersey and Romania with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. She is recognised by the American Naturopathic Board Association and a certified natural health practitioner (CNHP), and she became a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City. She worked in the dental field for twenty years, and for the last six, she has been a clinical instructor at the hygiene clinic of Bergen Community College. Her determination helped her to achieve so many highs personally and professionally. Her love for better health and the enigma of longevity pushed her to become who she is today: a holistic person and a successful therapist and hygienist.



Suma’s Last show with Florentine

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