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14/52 Lost in the WEB of LOVE

AIRING December 30th -January 5th. on Transforming Relationships! with Julieanne O’conner 

Are you lost in the WEB of LOVE?  Internet dating is the latest way to meet your soul mate, or is it?

Tune-in for what’s happening in the world of Internet dating including what happens when someone ditches you at the harbor.  Learn how to get your flirt on without ever having to say, “Hello,” when host Julieanne O’Connor interviews Garry Banks on the trends of Online Dating.

Whether you’ve spent no money at all or you’ve invested a cool $25,000, you could find your mate online.  You can even narrow your search to specific types, including but not limited to Vegetarians or Vampires.  Who knew they even had a dating site for “Married Couples” and/or people who dress up in animal costumes.  No Joke!  Take your pick or maybe start your own.

internet-dating-photo1 (3)

Whether you’re Single or NOT, Tune-in for the latest trends in Internet dating on this episode of Transforming Relationships.

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