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14/51 Pure Consciousness with Pamela Lynch

Airing December 23rd-30th on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch

Merry Christmas

Christmas time is often a time of stress and loss, and in today’s show Pamela shares with you the recent loss of her Mother. She takes you through two meditations: one on appreciation and another on walking together with your loved one. She focuses on the joy of giving and receiving, and in knowing through it all that it is up to you to create your own joy. It is your personal responsibility. Pamela appreciates the opportunity to honour her mom through her show, and to honour a loss you may have felt using words to connect you with pure consciousness.

Pamela Lynch is a certified coach, through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and is honoured to be a Certified Values Blueprint Partner. She works together with you to get you into alignment  with your values, strengths, and energies. Her goal for you is growth and results. And, clarity creates both. Pamela focuses on women who have arrived in their fifties dissatisfied and unfulfilled, and guides them to the fullness, fun, and freedom they desire in their life.


More on Pamela and her shows go to /conscious-business/


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