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14/51 “Persona, Perception, Presence”

Airing December 23rd through December 29th on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, author of, Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love & Attraction (for men and women).

WARNING:  “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear!

Nothing is really what it seems.  Not all people are representing their true selves.  Your perception and your interpretation is everything.  When you begin to live in the present, and you consciously choose your reality and you are willing to gift another with your complete awareness you will transform your relationships.  To be fully present for another person is a gift.


More on Julieanne,s shows and workshops go to    /transforming-relationships/

Please email Julieanne O’Connor with your questions, comments, stories or quotes about relationships. or visit


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