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14/5 Introduction to the Kingdoms

Airing February 3rd 5 & 7th at 9pm on Mystical Insights with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

This show touches on the  physical, emotional, mental-psychic, karmic-soul, spiritual, integral-all and transcendent aspects of manifestation in 3D.  In this introduction to the Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator Kingdoms we will be discovering that each Kingdom has its own language and that knowledge, understanding and cooperation with these Kingdoms is part of the process of Co-creative Manifestation in 3D. These Kingdoms are part of other dimensions.

In the following weeks, we will go more in-depth with each individual Kingdom with practical assignments for a deeper experience.

Upcoming and past shows and more on Mary go to /metaphysical-insights/


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