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14/5 Descriptions with Tina

Airing February 3rd 5th and 7th at 7 am on FREE YOUR MIND with Tina Nies


Free Your Mind Wednesday: Free your mind with your own LoveFest! Hear Vera Reposa share how she began her which has become a new venture in love.

Free Your Mind Friday: Letting go of the ideas behind our feelings – thinking about a deeper level of letting go.

My New Year gift is still available  to help you stay on track this year: download a FREE copy of my bestselling book, 40 Day LoveFest for You at

 Upcoming and past shows and more on Tina Nies /free-your-mind/

Working with individuals & organizations to build self-love, acceptance, and respect as foundations for success and happiness through programs about Love, Smiles, and the Power of Choice.

Tina Nies 810-252-0357


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