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14/5 Ask Sara about Chinese Year of the Horse.

Airing 27th again 29 & 31st at 11 am on Ask Sara with Sara Troy about A SECOND CHANCE AT A NEW YEAR

2014 is the year of THE HORSE

Long ago and still to this day, the Chinese use the Lunar cycle to follow time. The first cycle was introduced in the year 2637 B.C. A complete lunar cycle is 60 years and is made up of 12 cycles. Where the animal signs come in, is when Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to his kingdom so as to say goodbye to him before he departed from this earth. Only twelve showed up and to show his appreciation he named a year after them in order of its arrival. Every twelve years the sign repeats it’s self and you start all over again. Look at the signs year dates baring in mind that Chinese New Year is different every year, mid Jan-mid Feb and find out which is your sign by going through 12 year increments from your birth year.

THERE IS A FIERY YEAR AHEAD: Chinese metaphysics expert Sherwin Ng shares his forecast for the year of the Wooden Horse

What’s in store for 2014? 


In the year of the Wood Horse, the most dominant element is Fire. Fire element industries, therefore, will generally do well. These industries include oil and gas, airlines, restaurants, IT, electronics, metaphysics, and spiritual studies. With Fire being extremely prosperous, it does indicate a general impatience, volatility, and unrest in the minds of people. In the year’s birth chart, the element of Water is missing, indicating a lack of ideas and deeper thoughts. Put these two situations together, we will see a tendency for more fighting and quarrels across the world. Fire-related natural disasters are also to be expected, such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and also forest fires.

The second most prominent element of the year is Wood. Therefore, Wood industries, such as education, printing, fashion, herbs and botany, are expected to continue flourishing. The Earth element, in the presence of extreme Fire, starts to harden. This indicates obstructions and lethargy in Earth industries, such as property and real estate. The Metal element, which is weak in the year’s birth chart, also indicates challenges in sectors such as finance, the auto industry, and machinery. Changes in the legal system and financial trends are to be expected when strong Fire melts Metal. However, with the Water element missing, a lot of big decisions will be made based on emotions and fear, rather than wisdom and intelligent reasoning. The year will also see Water-related industries, such as tourism, travel, and fishery, slowing down.

Feng Shui for the Year

The danger zone for the year is in the Northwest sector. You can check this no-touch zone by using a compass and measuring it from the centre of your home or office.

his sector should not be renovated or “activated” with even as simple an act as nailing from February 4 onwards until the end of the Wooden Horse year. In short, it should be largely left alone, with little or no activities held in this sector because activating this sector will trigger negative Qi that will bring about possible accidents and injuries.

The Wealth Star of the year is in the South. Using this sector as your bedroom or office room can bring about financial opportunities, as well as gradual career advancement.

The most positive sector for the year is actually the Southwest sector, where the One White Noble Star and the Sun Star are present. Those who already have a Southwest sector door can expect financial increase, as well as meet extremely helpful people this year. You can choose to activate this sector of the building with a water feature that is gentle-moving, but of substantial size. The constant movement of water activates the positive Qi of the Stars here. Meanwhile, the Star of Power and Authority resides in the West sector. Activating this sector will bring about recognition and opportunities for career advancement.

Welcoming the God of Wealth

Just a little after midnight on the first day of Chinese New Year (Jan 31, 2014), at precisely 12.15am, is an extremely auspicious time, based on the configuration of stars affecting Earth at that moment.

There are three notable stars you can tune into to get the maximum positive effects to kick-start your new year. They are the Wealth Star, which is also known as the proverbial God of Wealth, the Happiness Star, and the Nobility Star. For those who wish to skip the ceremonies and cultural aspect, all you really need is to light a nice candle and have a bowl of water in front of you. Sit facing the direction you require, relax your breathing, and make a wish or prayer for what you want.

The Wealth Star resides in the Northwest, so you need to face this direction that night to manifest and wish for wealth-related pursuits, business opportunities, and financial growth. For relationships and personal happiness, the Happiness Star is in the South, so for those looking for that special someone, make a wish in this direction. Lastly, the Nobility Star, for those seeking help and guidance, lies in the East. (for more on your animal sign forecast for 2014 scroll to the bottom)

I Sara have only touched the surface of the information on these signs, but hopefully it will give you a little in site into you and your loved ones.

First came the Rat, (1997/08) with its charm and innovative personality the rat uses it’s wit and intelligence and has been known to be crafty, forthright and an excellent business man/woman, who is always alert to new opportunities. The rat is much underestimated, due the very fact that it is a rat. They are very intuitive gregarious and smart people who will use their charm and smarts to get them to the top. Never underestimate them, they do not miss a thing and remember a lot. Whereas the tiger, horse and others are on the forefront, the rat does not mind taking the back stairs to get where they are going. They know they will get there and are not afraid to give someone else the lime light.

Then came the Ox, (1997/09) prosperous through fortitude and hard work, the Ox is dependable, calm methodical and stubborn. Many Ox ‘s hold positions of power and their fairness holds them in good stead. They like order, respect, tradition, and are predictable and honest. Alas in love the Ox does not quite know how to respond to romance but when they like you they will stand by you, loyally, but also may take a long time to commit, be patience they are solid people and worth waiting for. Although they have a lot of patience do not try it on to much, because when they lose it, it will be a terrifying experience. The rooster seems to understand the Ox best and the Goat and Tiger will not get along well at all. Give them time to their stuff; it is worth waiting for the results.

Now comes the Tiger. (1998/10) Powerful, passionate, rebellious and unpredictable. The Tiger is our fearless fighter, and people hold them in awe. They love the limelight and their dynamic personality can open many doors. They live life as if it is their center stage, and people around them are there to enhance the play. With their charisma they get away with lots, and can talk others into doing things for them just because they are tigers. They have a very human side showing love and affection for babies and animals. As a lover when they love they love 100% for that moment till their attention is directed elsewhere, to sustain their attention you must give them a lot of attention. They live purely on impulse and rebellion on tradition. Logic is not their thing. The song by Carle Simon, “you’re so vain you probably think this song is about you”. May have been written for the tiger. However the tiger who can be warm loving and great with kids, can also be a child themselves if they do not get their way. For all this the tiger is a formidable foe and one to definitely have in your court.

The Rabbit (1999/11) is said to have a long life, the rabbit is gracious kind sensitive, and has good manners. They look for tranquility but are also inclined to be moody. They appear indifferent and generally hold academic positions. Although they appear to be detached they hold much criticism inside. Good at business and smooth negotiations will ensure a good career. In love their self-assurance requires them to marry for position and security, but will give all they have to give in love. Reserved artistic and good at business, the rabbit with their smooth negotiations will ensure any career they choose. Liking harmony, the rabbit does not understand why people are so nasty to each other. Although do not mistake this, the rabbit will get the contract signed, but by courtesy, consideration and patience, you will not even be aware of it until you have signed on the dotted line. This does not mean that they are deceitful, but rather that they are clever.

The fiery Dragon (2000/2012) a very lucky sign and one in which many children are born, (including one of my daughters). Magical and imaginative the dragon is full of vitality and strength. They have very high ideals and command high standards from others as well as themselves. Do not challenge the dragon you will find them very opposing and do not hurt the ones they love or anger them or you will sorely regret it. On the other hand they do not like defeat and can be a sore looser. If they like you, you will forever have a protector and a friend, and as a lover they take adulation for granted, knowing that they are well liked so therefore well loved. If they choose you for a mate, (and this sign is also quite happy to not to marry and just have good friends,) they will protect, lecture and support you forever. Dragons do not tolerate fools or deceitful people and their wrath can be very imposing. They are good with money, easy come easy go, and prefer to live in a relaxed environment. Somewhat leaders by nature, they will only want the job if they are interested. Funny and liking a good time, a dragon is good at a party and is very adventuress.

The forever-misunderstood Snake (2001/2013) is a deep thinker, always looking for the meaning of life. Generally mystical with a lot of natural wisdom, the snake loves books, food, music and the fine things in life. Using their own judgment rather than others, they like their own advice. Superstitious and a little intense they like to settle scores. The snakes wish to control their own lives through power and authority. They can be victims of their past and have a hard time moving on with life. Elegant, in speech, dress and manners, but suspicious in nature, the snake distrusts anyone who breaks a promise. In love their mystique and cool ambivalence draws lovers to them with ease, and will only marry someone who shares their ambition. Striving for the top the snake can talk themselves out of things, because they are inclined to think it over and over again. They love detail and wish for things to be in order before moving on with it. Although looked upon with fear, the snake in vulnerable and is only dangerous when it is fearful. Wishing to just be understood and respected the snake is harmless. Unless—-

Enter the Horse (2002/2014) the best year in my mind, as I am a horse myself of cause is Cheerful, popular, quick-witted and earthy. The horse falls in and out of love easily and loves a free spirit. However they are perceptive, talkative and have an ability to handle difficult situation well and with authority. They are magnetic and commanding which can be presided as militant and aggressive at times although this is not so much. Impetuous, energetic, and is a flashy dresser and knows how to strut their stuff. The horse although a non-conformist can be relied on to be accountable and honest. The horse will always be there for the underdog, and has an ability to see both sides and council each of them well. Demanding a great deal from fellow workers they can and will just as eagerly work by your side as long as you know that they are boss. Horses love freedom and pursue happiness at every corner. Being a person that feels their way around and who is constantly changing to the environment, they feel deeply and can be perceived as being moody, they are just adjustable people. They cannot keep regular hours and are best suited to flexible but demanding jobs, it is all or nothing. Very friendly and a true lover, do not let them down, they will forgive but never forget. They are protective about their loved ones and love with all their hearts, they like the home homey and love to run a little wild too. As friends the horses will be by your side through anything, but if you betray them, you will be forgiven but forgotten too.

The graceful Sheep/ Goat (2003/15) is righteous, sincere and a sucker for sad stories. They are fashionable, artistic and creative but can be depressed and withdrawn. They are homebodies, liking children and needing to be needed. Luck favors them and their peaceful nature draws people to them. Unfortunately the sheep/goat instead of standing up for their rights is timid and is more inclined to sulk rather than demand. Straight to the point is not their way and they wish you to find out what is bothering them rather than they tell you. Martyrs and worriers they are pessimistic about life and are inclined to look to the worst rather than the best of things. Romantic by nature, they wished to be pursued and fought for, the sheep needs to be in a respectful loving marriage to survive, secure in life love and mind. They have their favorites and if you’re not one of them do not take offence that is just the way it is. Neither forgiving nor forgetting is something they do easily, so don’t hurt them.

The mischievous Monkey (2004/16) is innovative, improviser, and a motivator. The monkey is most like man himself. Whatever they choose to do the monkey will succeed, no challenge is to great a chore, and they have the ability to use their intelligence when it is most needed. However they do not respect others well as they have too much respect for themselves. Very competitive, confident and cocky the monkey has been known to use his cunning powers to get their way. They are very sociable and can hold positions of high power. Very self-absorbed the monkey is not a giver for giving sake, in love the monkey will be warm and spontaneous, but be prepared to work hard and always strive for better, love in its self is not enough, ambition is indeed the forever attraction. Whatever you do, never try to trick a monkey they will have the last word, and watch them carefully they are masters of trickery. Fun can be had with a monkey if you like a little mischief or mayhem.

Wake up to the Rooster. (2005/17) Has self-assurance and is old fashioned. They are generally very attractive people, who are acute neat organized decisive upright alert and direct. They can also be argumentative and a little cruel to others, they love to lord over other with their imposing knowledge. High perform ring roosters seek opportunities to excel at anything, and if you try to challenge their knowledge you are in for a long haul, roosters do their homework and know their stuff. Do not be around when a rooster is negative, they are egotistical opinioned and very abrasive, you will come out reeling from the experience. They are very good at handling money, accountants banking and finances. Roosters will follow orders to a T, and they are very good detailed people and, accountable with your interest at heart. All roosters are perfectionist, with a sharp eye for details, but if they think that they are right about something, they may close their mind to any other input. They are excellent right hand men but sway away from the front line, as they do not have the public personality or patience that is needed to be up front. Roosters love praise and are allergic to criticism; they make a good spouse and a good family person, just as long as they are boss. For all that steadfastness, they are very vulnerable but will fight showing it.

The likeable Dog (2006/18)  (this is my 12 year old dog Kokomo)(and another of my children) is honest, intelligent and direct. They are the most loyal and trustworthy of creatures and have much passion for Justas and fair play. Dogs are friends to all people, and are fair listeners meeting people half way. Dogs will look out for everyone no matter what, but is inclined to neglect their own self and leave themselves vulnerable. The dog has a great understanding of humans, and instinctively knows the right from wrong, who to believe and who to be weary off. When a dog loves, it is with all its heart and loyalty, this is often taken advantage of and the dog often gets hurt. Forgiveness is strong and even if they move on they will remember the once loved one fondly. Do not push the dog into a corner, they will instinctively come out fighting in any which way. In love, the dog likes to get to know their suitor slowly as trust is an issue, but once trust is in place, they will encourage growth in their loved ones and equilibrium in their lives. As it is with children the dog will act like a playful puppy when young, and will take time to learn the ways of the world, but what is nice is that they will never lose their playfulness. All in all a dog is a very good person to have in your life in any way.

The steadfast Pig (200719) is, of all the signs, one of honesty and of real genuine personality. The pig is the ultimate diplomat, balancing both sides and keeping the peace. The pig are those people that make everything happen with ease so as you do not notice it even happening, but notice if they are not there. They socialize very well, and like to be in the company of up and coming people, though they prefer to watch from a distance. Excellent in the line of fundraising and social work, the pig does not mind being truly committed to the cause. The pig is a little too trusting and allows themselves to be exploited by others without knowing it. In love the pig is devoted and does everything for their loved ones except perhaps discipline them well, as they do not like confrontation. The pig is unselfish and caring and is very good to have as a friend if their motives are not interfering or judgmental.

Having had experiences with all of the signs, I have to say there is a lot in it. We take on the characters of the animals and unknowly become them. I also believe that the “The Colours Fractal”, Zodiac and ‘numerology” plays a big part in it too. The Chinese take this all very seriously. This year,January 31st is Chinese New Year’s Eve, and it is welcomed with feasting and socialization. There are parades, and the Dragons and the Lions performing for money, reflecting the old times when they used to give protection money to the gods for said protection. Not much has changed there, except that it is done far more aggressively now.


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Look up your own sign /chinese-new-year-calendar.php


Top 3 Positive Animal Signs of 2014

1. Goat [1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003] The Goat constellation contains the Sun Star this year, indicative of fame, financial opportunities and reputation increase. The Sun Star also helps dissolve any problems, and generally attracts the right people and enhances decision making. For those born in the month of the Goat (July 7 – Aug 6), expect new career opportunities or a career promotion. The Sun Star favours the bold, therefore be more active in taking risks this year. For those born in the hour of the Goat (1pm – 3pm), you are affected by the Sky Emptiness Star, which denotes loneliness, and attachment to past lonely experiences. As such, it is wise to not spend too much time alone and seek out your friends — go to parties! This is also not the best star for new intimate relationships.

2. Rabbit [1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011] The Rabbit constellation contains the Sky Happiness Star, Fortune Noble Star, Heavenly Noble Star and the Prosperity Star. For those born in the year of the Rabbit, it is a year for building relationships, networking, and exchanging favours. With the effects of the many positive stars, people will find you more attractive, approachable, and easy to work with. Therefore, expect more opportunities, as well as offers for joint ventures, partnerships and collaborations. This is especially true for those born in the month of the Rabbit (March 6 – April 4). In terms of personal relationships, Rabbits will enjoy deeper and more meaningful ones. For those born in the hour of the Rabbit (5am – 7am), capitalise on your creative ideas and marketing plans. The only slight drawback comes from two negative Stars — the Salty Pool and the Twisted Tongue — which indicates some back-stabbing and envy from insignificant others.

3. Ox [1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009] The Ox Palace contains the Emperor Star, and the Dragon Noble Star. This is an extremely powerful combination that, once again, dissolves all problems and difficult situations. This also means that it is the perfect year for those born in the year of the Ox to sort out old issues or repair relationships. For those born in the month of the Ox (Jan 6 – Feb 3), they can also expect positive career growth, new opportunities, and a helping hand from those around them. Remember: ask and you shall receive. Even in terms of relationships, you are expected to be proactive. Take the first step and make things happen. Towards the middle of the year, some minor obstacles and delays are to be expected, but these are challenges that should not be too difficult for the Ox to surmount. For those born in the hour of the Ox (1am – 3pm), you may feel compelled towards perfectionism and correcting others, especially those around you, who may find this slightly annoying.

Top 3 Most Challenged Animal Signs for 2014

1. Tiger [1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010] The Tiger constellation contains zero positive Stars, and a host of negative Stars, such as the White Tiger, Earth Killings, and Greater Killings. Therefore, this is a year of caution, with a focus on health and personal well-being. Stay put, maintain a low profile, maintain the status quo. This is not the right time for big projects, changing jobs, or starting a new business. This includes not only those born in the Tiger year, but also those born in the Tiger month (Feb 4 – March 5), and Tiger hour (3am – 5am). Go for a thorough medical check-up, with a focus on the spine, the heart, or the head. Obviously, it’s also not a fantastic year for relationships, so remember to stay out of any dramatic situations, and exercise your right to remain silent.

2. Rat [1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008] The Rat constellation is also occupied by a host of negative Stars, such as the Sky Cry, Great Consumer, Calamity Killings, and the Fence. Also being in direct opposition to the year of the Horse, you will find that the people around you and your working environment seem to be against you. Stay calm and don’t react with anger. This also affects those born in the month of the Rat (Dec 7 – Jan 5), or the Rat hour (11pm – 1am). This is a good year to meditate, learn yoga, and basically reflect and restructure your personal life and goals. Those born in the Rat hour may also fall into escapism tendencies and indulge in relationships, food, or other substances. Always remember, stay practical and stay realistic. The Great Consumer Star indicates unexpected expenditures, so it would be wise to budget your expenses carefully.

3. Monkey [1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004] For those born in the year of Monkey, you have one positive Star, which is the Sky Horse Star. This is helpful for travelling to seek new opportunities, or for those in sales, which require a lot of moving around. In fact, those born in the month of the Monkey (Aug 7 – Sep 7), should explore opportunities from afar, or change locations. The negative Stars present are the Solitary Loneliness, Funeral Door, and Earth Funeral. These three indicate a less ideal health condition and also a slight sense of depression. For those born in the hour of the Monkey (3pm – 5pm), avoid attending any funerals or hospital visits this year, due to your weaker immune system. Relationship-wise, it is considered unstable due to the Sky Horse Star.

The Remaining Animals (In no particular order)

Horse [1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002] In the year of the Horse, the Horse itself doesn’t do too badly, despite having the Self-Punishment Formation (beware of self-sabotaging behaviour, or developing new bad habits such as smoking, gambling or drinking). With the presence of the Golden Lock Star, supported by the General Star, overall financial gain and career improvement can be expected. This especially applies to those being employed to others or those climbing the corporate ladder. The effects are doubled for those born in the month of the Horse (June 6 – July 6). Those born in the hour of the Horse (11am – 1pm), are affected by the Triple Punishment Star, the Hidden Corpse, and the Sword Edge, which indicates miscommunication and arguments with significant others and family. Be careful of saying things you don’t mean. Healthwise, it is also not the best time to try out extreme sports, such as bungee jumping or rock climbing.

Rooster [1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005] Those born in the year of the Rooster can expect a fantastic financial year, making this a good year for investments as well, due to the Moon Star, which is one of the major Wealth Stars in astrology. There will also be help or useful advice from females. The effects are doubled for those born in the month of the Rooster (Sept 8 – Oct 7). The Red Matchmaker Star also makes it a wonderful relationship year, especially for those seeking new relationships. Generally, the people you meet are positive minded and sincere. Have fun and mingle! Healthwise, the Goat Blade Star indicates injury and problems with the knees or feet. Be extra careful while jogging or even walking, especially in the month of March and September. This is especially true for those born in the hour of the Rooster (5pm – 7pm).

Dog [1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006] The Dog constellation contains the positive Stars of Earth Relief, Elegant Seal, and National Treasure. Overall career and finances will see positive improvements, especially for those in the creative industries. With the presence of the Five Ghost Star and the Officer Talisman Star, be mindful of legal problems or fines. This is also true for those born in the month of the Dog (Oct 8 – Nov 6), or the hour of the dog (7pm – 9pm). Relationship-wise, things may not go as smoothly. However, it is a good year for self-improvement and cultivation.

Pig [1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007] For those born in the year of Pig, the Monthly Noble Star ensures that you get the help that you need throughout the year. Generally, things will be smooth and not too stressful. The Lesser Consumer Star indicates sudden expenditures, so what you can do at the start of the year is to make a list of the things that you need to buy — and go get them. For those born in the hour of the Pig (9pm – 11pm), you will be more affected by the Death Talisman Star, which indicates a less than ideal health condition and lower energy levels. Remember to eat right and exercise. Relationship-wise, for the Pig, is a rather stable year.

Dragon [1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012] Those born in the year of the Dragon can expect to meet the right people and to be at the right place at the right time. They are affected by the Sky Relief Star and the Relief God Star. Both are extremely useful for problem-solving and getting help from others. Relationship-wise, the Loneliness Star and the Leopard Tail Star indicate a volatile temperament, which will affect communication and cause misunderstandings. For this year, if you have nothing nice to say, it is better not to say anything. Healthwise, we have the Blood Knife, Sky Dog and the Sinking Star, which indicates lethargy and a sluggish digestive system. But do also take note that with the presence of the two powerful positive Stars, any health problems can be fixed once and for all this year! This is especially true for those born in the hour of the Dragon (7am – 9am).

Snake [1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013] Those born in the year of the Snake are governed by the Literary Star, which is excellent for those in the academic or writing industries. The Death God Star brings a tendency to overwork, jeopardising your health. Remember to take a break when you need it, despite your creative juices constantly flowing. The Illness Talisman Star in your constellation generally suppresses the immune system, especially for those born in the hour of the Snake (9am – 11am). Relationship-wise, there are no big changes, but with the presence of the Literary Star, expect to meet more interesting and diverse personalities.

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