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14/49 What is Beyond Death?

Airing December 9th-15th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest  Danielle Soucy Mills

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Danielle Soucy Mills grew up in Massachusetts in a small city by the sea. She developed a passion for both gymnastics and writing from a very young age, and by 5th grade, she began writing her first novel–only to realize that she did not know enough about life to write a real book–though someday, she knew, her books would be written.

Her path eventually led her to Rhode Island College, where she worked toward her BA in English/Creative Writing while also competing on their gymnastics team. Driven by a yearning for warmer weather and palm trees, Danielle later moved to California to earn her MFA in Creative Writing at Chapman University. During her journey across coasts, Danielle received insight for her first novel, Illusion of an Ending, as well as her #1 Best-selling, award-winning children’s book, Tina Tumbles, inspired by her childhood and the young gymnasts she coached throughout the years.

She has since started her own publishing company, Aerial Awareness Media, releasing her books which seek to increase awareness of our inner selves, beyond our bodies. Her goal is to intertwine metaphysical concepts and motivational messages within fictional stories for adults as well as children, which inspire, uplift, and delve into our Divine purpose for being.


Danielle currently resides in San Diego with her wonderful husband, Jesse.

More on Jackie and her show go to /the-writers-divine-den/

Jackie has another show on this week with the producer Sara Troy on her new book, join us Tuesday to hear all about it. -momentum-through-manifesting-and-miracles/


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