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14/49 Conscious Mindset with Karen Luniw

Airing December 9th-15th on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch and her guest Karen Luniw

It’s a thrill to share a local celebrity with you today. I’m honoured to have Karen Luniw join us as we embark on a conscious conversation about mindset and creating an Epic Shift with her QC2 Method.  This conversation is jam-packed with great tips and information.

Karen explains her “QC squared” method and defines a “quest-formation” and how understanding this benefits you. Very cool. You will love this one. And then, she graciously takes us through a deep clearing process. I picked an emotional issue that many people struggle with. Tune in and tap into the energy of the clearing, and please let Karen and I know if this helped you.

Karen Luniw has an enormously popular podcast which she launched in 2006 called “Law of Attraction Tips.”   She has been in the Top 10 in Self-Help on iTunes for the past seven years. Karen is a Coach, Speaker and Author of the best-sellers “Attraction in Action” and “A Year of Wow.”

Karen’s work in business and as VP of her local chamber has influenced her work with brand-new-to-business Solopreneurs, seasoned Entrepreneurs, Top International Sales Pros to International Lawyers, Hollywood Creatives and even a staff member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The trend of many of her clients is to move from their front line roles into VP or Chief Executive roles or the top of the field in their business.


Karen has been featured in the well-read Huffington Post, HuffPo Live, Global BC, The Financial Post, made front page of The Vancouver Sun and is a sought after speaker for business and women’s groups.

You may contact Karen Luniw at:

More on Pamela and her many show go to /conscious-business/


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