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14/47 Every Day Mindfulness with Joy Kingsborough

AIRING November 25th-December1st on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch and her guest Joy Kingsbough

Joy Kingsborough joins us in a Conscious Conversation about mindfulness, as how to bring that into your every day awareness through simple breathing exercises and the ease of meditation. Joy brilliantly explains “brain entrainment,” a term we hear frequently these days, and well as the importance of contrast in our life.

Joy Kingsborough is an international Coach, Speaker, and Writer who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs live a wildly successful life and excels at helping people shift from being frustrated to bringing clarity and consciousness to daily life.


Joy is a member of Babes in Business, an innovative group of female entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses. BABES = Bold Authentic Businesswomen with Exceptional Standards.

Joy’s Accelerate Your Momentum Course begins in January 2015, and you can learn more about Joy and her programs at her website:

More on Pamela and her shows  /conscious-business/


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