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14/46 Ask Sara about Our Memories


 Ask Sara with Sara Troy, Aired November 18th/14

Memories, we all make them, we all reflect on them, we all let them guide us forward in life. Are you choosing to remember those memories that serve you or stop you from moving forward? We have memories from childhood, first school, first friend, first fall, first love, and all of these are our lessons in life, and they become our tools for life.

My memories are across the board, so many good and bad ones, but each bad one led to me learning about myself and finding my courage, each good one became a smile, a hug, a joy in my life.

At the end of our lives we are our memories, every thing we went through, struggled what we overcame, triumphed over, accomplished embraced that define our life’s journey.

What will your memories be ???????

MEMORIES by Gladys Knight and the Pips, our lives in one song


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