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14/45 “Prevention on Purpose”

Airing November 11th-17th on Own Your Money with Jeffrey A. Forrest


The western medical community seems to spend a lot of time focusing on your PROACTIVE PREVENTION?  and treating those with prescription drugs and if that doesn’t work, surgery.  The symptoms are derived from a root problem.  There are a group of doctors called “Upstream Doctors” who focus on swimming upstream to discover the PROBLEM and hopefully be in a better place to treat the problem.  However, what comes BEFORE the problem?  It’s NO PROBLEM!  Let me ask you a key question:  “What SHOULD all of us focus on?”  Is it SYMPTOMS….or PROBLEMS….or PROACTIVE PREVENTION? 

TUNE IN HERE FOR INSTANT LISTENING NOW On next week’s show, I’ll be interviewing Prevention on Purpose founder, Chris Cucchiara who has started a MOVEMENT in the California Central Coast involving medical practitioners, fitness experts, nutritional consultants and life coaches whereby they focus on “proactive prevention”.  Their first event is going to be held on Pearl Harbor Day, Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at Arroyo Grande High School from 4 to 6 pm.


Tune in next Tuesday and hear all about the event and if you’re local, you can find out how you can get FREE TICKETS to the life changing conference.


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