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14/45 Ask Sara about the Value of People verses Money

Aired November 11TH/14 on ASK SARA with Sara Troy


Money makes the world go round or does it? because I think its people who make the world work.

Why do we give money more value than we give people?

Why do we judge people by their bank account rather than the integral worth?

Why is a person’s actions, wisdom, experiences demeaned by the dollar?

When are we as a human race going to see where the real value stands and understand that a person’s interactions, actions, dreams, inspirations, visualizations and aspirations have a greater value and contribution to life?

People who give will never be poor.

Money is a tool and a payment for one’s actions, not a definition of who you are or what you are worth.

If you give then give, without the need for repayment or thinking that Because you gave it now means you own them.

What do you place value on? Life, Love, People, Ideas, Trust, or does money dictate your existence?



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