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14/44 Hearts Calling

Airing November 4th-10th on  The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

What it would be like to stop and listen to your heart’s calling? Join me and my guest Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg in a light-hearted conversation about what it means to listen to your heart’s calling in the midst of heartbreak and life’s many transitions. Maureen’s poetry helps us move through our transitions with grace and love.



Maureen presently writes as a Guest Contributor for Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond as the Visionary Poet. She also writes for Journey at the Heart Blog, Women’s Spiritual Poetry from which seven of her poems were recently selected to be published in an August 2014 Anthology of poetesses called: Journey of the Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry By Women. She has several other publishing projects on her plate including 2 poems specifically written for the ARTCOLAB Grenada Windows project to be released this November, where her unique style of poetry will be viewed collectively with art in a gallery showing. Maureen is collaborating with Bellissima Opera, a writing project to benefit inner city students in Chicago. She currently hosts a Creative Writing Circle monthly for women to utilize writing as a means of inner releasing. She also recites spoken word at many venues in the Chicago-land area. Maureen’s new book Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life is being released November 2014.

More on Jackie and her show go to /the-writers-divine-den/


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