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14/43 Your Inner Wisdom with Pamela Lynch

Airing October 28th-November 3rd on “Conscious Business Conversations.” with Pamlea Lynch

Today we shall look at three massive mistakes entrepreneurs make that keep them disconnected from their inner wisdom. If you are feeling alone, overwhelmed and unfulfilled, then buckle up and tune in.  During our Conscious Conversation today, Pamela reveals those three mistakes and the single most important action you can take, everyday, to bring you closer to your true self. She will help you to find the courage to re-create a new life on your own. Pamela guides you through a process, called The Green Flame, which will help you to learn to activate that one thing you want into your reality.


Pamela Lynch is your host of Conscious Business Conversations. She received her coaching certification through QSCA, (Quantum Success Coaching Academy), which is based in Laws of the Universe. It was through Christie Whitman’s program that she learned processes to access your wisdom and deepened her connection to Self. She believes we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, and do the deep work required to connect to your inner wisdom.

More on Pamela and her many shows go to /conscious-business/


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