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14/42 Periscope Heart

Airing October 21st-27th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Kai Coggin

What if you could see below the surface with the eyes of the heart? Join me and my guest Kai Coggin on a beautiful journey into the soul of humanity as Kai leads us in discovering those inklings that touch our heart. She shares her heart-moving poetry and invites us to look within.

Kai Coggin is a full-time poet and freelance writer born in Bangkok, Thailand, raised in Southwest Houston, and currently a blip in the 3 million acre Ouachita National Forest in Hot Springs, AR. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Poetry and Creative Writing from Texas A&M University. She writes poems of feminism, love, spirituality, injustice, metaphysics, and beauty. Kai has been published in Elephant Journal, Cliterature, The Manila Envelope, [empath], Catching Calliope and an anthology released this summer called Journey of the Heart. She released her first chapbook, In Other Words, in August 2013. Her first full-length book of poetry PERISCOPE HEART was published by Swimming with Elephants Publications in September 2014.

Kai knows that words hold the potential to create monumental and global change, and she uses her words like a sword of Beauty. She can be found most Wednesdays at Maxine’s, reading her poems into an open mic, hoping the wind carries her words out to the world.


More on Jackie and her show go to /the-writers-divine-den/


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