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14/42 Dr TADDY BLECHER – Consciousness Based Education

Airing October 21st-27th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Dr Taddy Blecher

Dr Taddy Blecher is a Social Entrepreneur, Pioneer Educationist, Transcendental Crusader and a facilitator of Consciousness Based Education/CBE.

Consciousness-Based Education/CBE provides a practical, proven approach to prevent anti-social behaviour and other educational problems by developing the creative intelligence and inner happiness of every student, This allows students to truly know themselves, to experience the field of pure consciousness, the source of thought, the Self, which is also the common basis of all fields of knowledge, through the simple, natural technique of Transcental Meditation/TM practised for a short time twice a day.

In this show, he shares some beautiful ‘Madiba moments’ and shares the belated Nelson Mandela’s involvement.


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Listen here to Dr Taddy Blecher on “Inspiring South Africans’ on line Radio show – to come …

For More on Heather and her shows go to. /inspiring-south-africans/


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