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14/42 Dr. Stas Ozog & Grovey Medicine from the Acients

Airing October 21st-27th on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Dr. Stas’ Ozog,

Herbal combinations, are capable of balancing, & harmonizing the entire body Skin,Hair & Nails, beyond the usual, with it’s combinations of Chinese & Homeopathic Nutritionals

Dr. Stas Ozog III, co-founder of Clear Products™ and Director of Research & Development., has his Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist, holds a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and has been a licensed cosmetologist for the past 35 years.Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Groovy Medicine From The Ancients”

Dr. Ozog is licensed in both California and nationally as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist. He has been involved in Oriental Medicine since the mid-1970s. After graduating with his masters degree in Oriental Medicine, he practiced in Palm Springs, CA, at the Palm Springs Wellness Center; was a regular speaker for more than a year on a weekly radio show to discuss alternative medicine; and continues to lecture at various venues around the country. Dr. Ozog earned his Ph.D. in 2012 and is currently is in private practice and devotes most of his time to the research and development of new products. “It is estimated more than 28 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss,”…”The unique proprietary blend of 13 herbs in Clear Tinnitus® has been scientifically formulated to provide several therapeutic actions,” In 1995, Skipp Neville, the Founder and President of a successful real estate consulting firm, engaged the services of Dr. Ozog to help remedy ear problems he suffered from since childhood. Skipp’s ear problems were due to what is commonly known as “swimmers ear.” He was an avid swimmer, water polo player, and surfer during his high school and college years and later added scuba diving to his assortment of water activities. Skipp worked with many doctors and tried numerous, traditional Western medicine products to relieve the ear pain and pressure—all without success. Skipp did not want to give up his love of the water and sought out complementary methods of treatment. After taking just a few doses of an herbal combination formulated by Dr. Ozog, Skipp was amazed that his “swimmers ear” had all but disappeared. Skipp was so impressed with his personal success he asked Dr. Ozog if the natural herbal formula could be mass-produced for those who suffer with similar symptoms.

Travel sickness

“A trip shouldn’t trip you up nor should you have to suffer from the effects of simply having ‘seconds,'” says Stas Ozog III.”To create Clear Motion & Digestive Aid(TM) we’ve combined seven homeopathic remedies with ten herbs to create an all natural, gentle but quick-acting formula for mild to severe motion sickness, general nausea, and digestive disorders,” says Ozog, L.Ac., Dipl. A. & C.H.(NCCAOM), and co-founder of Clear Products, Inc.(TM). “For centuries ginger root has been used to successfully relieve the symptoms associated with nausea. Consumers today are more educated about what they put in their body and are more interested in using natural products,” stated Ozog. “Clear Motion & Digestive Aid(TM) was developed to naturally target the symptoms of motion sickness and digestive disorders without hindering the consumer’s normal activities.” Ozog adds that Clear Motion and Digestive Aid (TM) is antihistamine free, and “is safe for children as well.”


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