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14/41 The Business of Balance with Trent Janisch

Aired October 14th-20th on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch and her guest Trent Janisch

I’m delighted to bring Trent Janisch back on the show to join us today and talk about the power of balance in business. Trent offers strategies and insights for conscious business owners and entrepreneurs to bring more balance to their lives – like non-negotiable values. Our conversation raises the delicious topics of neuroscience and mindfulness as well as the Four Stages of Learning.

Trent Janisch is the Founder and CEO of The Power You Are – Business Life Coaching. He is an Author, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Strategic Intervention Coach who guides Conscious Business Owners through a process that enables them to improve every relationship, become more relaxed and at ease, and increase their time off while doubling their income.



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Trent us the Author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller 3 Steps to Better Relationships and is a must-read.

You may reach Trent Janisch at:

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