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14/41 Create Your Vision

Airing October 14th-20th Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais

If we are here not to find ourselves, but to create ourselves, then would like to take a shot and see what is the best job you can do?

Creating your vision is an in-depth exercise where you need to look at your life as a whole. That is exactly what we do on and also in this show.

We look at establishing your Life Purpose and how to incorporate that into your life and work and then paying attention to the other life areas as well.

Imagine the life you want to live in 5 years time. Being 5 years older, your loved ones 5 years older, your business or career 5 years into the future, what do you want that to look like?

If you have a choice in what you want your life purpose to be and imagine living it, what would you see, hear, feel and say to yourself?

Explore with me the possibilities in Creating Your Vision and thereby planning to live the life you want!


Have pen and paper ready as you will want to dot down some realizations for yourself.

Challenge for you:

  1. Draw up a mind map with the ten life areas and start Creating Your Vision with me.


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