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14/41 Corporate Wellness Program

Airing October 14th-20th on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Marti Avila in Part Two of Health Awareness

“The health of your employees significantly influences the value of your products and services and improves everyone’s morale.“

By listening to your employees and finding where and what needs they have, a Holistic Corporate Wellness Program will not only coach them how to:

 Eat healthier

  1.  Manage stress

  2.  Start an exercise habit

  3.  Understand and possibly eliminate cravings

  4.  Help with addictions

  5.  GREATLY help and possibly reverse chronic diseases

But also, this program may:

  1.  Lower individual health care costs

  2.  In addition to improving the health of the employee, there is a ripple effect to his/her family therefore cutting down on absenteeism

  3.  Improve morale, productivity, loyalty and health

  4.  Lower Workers’ Compensation accidents/costs

  5.  Attract highly qualified additional employees

  6.  Create happy employees whose happiness will spill over onto your customers

  7. Can Having  Healthier  Employees Help a Company’s Bottom Line?Organizations with effective health improvement programs often experience better health and better savings through more productive employees. According to the employer survey: (2)

  8. Top performing companies (ones that have kept health care cost increases at or below 2.2% – compared to the survey norm of 6.1% for 4 years ) did so by

  9.  making significant strides in supporting a culture of well-being.

  10. Employees of top performing companies pay on average $400 less per year in premiums than low performing companies.Health improvement is a long-term strategy that can reduce company expenses through sustained improvements in employee health. What’s more, when a culture of well-being is created at the workplace, it can help your employees to live longer,

  11. healthier, happier lives.


T: 702-370-3427

 More on Suma and her many shows on health got to wise-health/


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