14.39 JOLANDIE RUST the African Adventurer !

Airing September 30th-October 6th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Jolandie Rust

Jolandie Rust – affectionately known as Jo, is a 30 year old South African adventurer, who continues to push the envelope. She is the 1st woman in history to circumnavigate the entire African continent solo on her trusty motorbike – no back-up, no support team, covering 45 000 kilometers through 28 countries over a period of 18 months !

14.39 ISA JOLANDIE RUST Collage01

Jo now shares her story with people all over the world, motivating and inspiring others to overcome their own fears and live their biggest dreams !


She is currently training for her next challenge, which is to qualify for the team that will be representing South Africa at the BMW GS Trophy taking place in 2016.

BLOG : http://jorust.com/

FACEBOOK : jolandie.rust,

FACEBOOK BMW GS girls : bmwgsgirls

ARTICLE: globalwomenwhoride.com/jolandie-rust/

For More on Heather and her shows go to. /inspiring-south-africans/


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