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14/39 Conscious Finances with Bryce Medd

Airing September 30th- October 6th on Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch and her guest Bryce Medd and her co-host for thsisshow Peter Comrie,

An important topic to tune in to as you consciously consider your personal finances and learn to take personal responsibility to make conscious choices about how you spend money, save money, and manage your finances.

I’m thrilled to share this show with you. My good friend and mentor, Peter Comrie, takes the reins as a guest interviewer and chose Bryce Medd, a financial advisor, as Peter believes Bryce’s message is one everyone should hear in these times of financial uncertainty for some and shifting generational wealth for others.  These two distinguished gentlemen talk about the importance of conscious choice, personal responsibility, and trust in today’s world of personal finance. It’s about having the right people at the table not just working with you as a trusted advisory team but coaching you to understand all of the issues in today’s complex relationships with money, family, and ageing parents.

Bryce Medd is the President of The Wealthy Tortoise and a high qualified, respected, and trusted financial advisor. His firm prides itself on delivering personalized, comprehensive financial services. Everyone is unique and everyone’s needs are different. Bryce listens and hears what his client’s truly need, which enables him to help clients take the right action for them and their financial future.


You may learn more about Bryce Medd at his website: LinkedIn: Contact Bryce at: 1-877-860-2323

Guest Interviewer: Peter Comrie may be contacted through his website: LinkedIn: For more on Pamela and her many shows go to conscious-business/


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