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14/39 Ask Sara What Makes a Woman

 Ask Sara with Sara Troy Aired September 30th-6th October 2014

What makes a woman and who decides?

When you look through the ages at style, today’s style can be very depressing. Where did the entire feminine voluptuous woman go?

I am very tired of (happy) designers who have taken our femininity away from us by making us look like boys in girl’s clothes.

Do you remember ladies, when we were growing up, how we could not wait for a bust or some shapely curves that marked us as woman? Now

all I see representing us are flat chested boy’s waist, no hips, and gawky legs.

Because of shows like Mad Men (set in the 50’s) we are seeing women like Christane Hendricks who embraces her curves, and women like Tyra Banks who has made a very good living of her curves. So why are we still seeing shapeless clothes that only look good on a skinny model and not beautiful clothes that represent our womanly shapes?

Embracing our bodies comes from loving ourselves every inch of us and in owning our bodies with love and respect. Do you love your body or have love of self? Do not let anyone else define your beauty, wear it in your full womanhood.

Dress for your body, reflect the love from within embrace your curves, love your flat chest, your full bosom, just simply love your self.

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