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14/38 Discover the Essence of You Description:

Airing September 23rd-29th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Nancy Ferrari

What if you could discover your true essence? Join me and my guest and beloved friend Nancy Ferrari as we dive into self-discovery and our true essence. Nancy shares her beautiful life story and how we can move from story to lessons.

Nancy Ferrari is the host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio within Talk 4 Media Network and iHeartRadio, which she has been hosting for 4 years and focuses on sharing what’s right in the world and features expert guests who make a difference.  Nancy is a passionate speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, sharing her messages of inspiration and living an empowered life.  Nancy is also a co-author within the awarding-winning and best-selling book, Selling With Synchronicity and the recently released books Contagious Optimism and Sexy with No Boundaries and is a featured writer for Applaud Women Magazine and Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond.  Nancy is also the founder and CEO of Nancy Ferrari Media & Mentoring, providing custom designed programs to help women attain personal and professional success, utilizing her signature coaching programs based on the principles within her book Discover the Essence of You.  Nancy is also passionate about The Little Light Project, a nonprofit organization, where she is Vice President on the Board and shares her expertise with sensitive/intuitive children.   Nancy is a charter member of Lessons From Network and is a contributor as the Life Transition Expert.   Nancy resides in Orange County, CA  with her husband, Dominic, celebrating 35 years of marriage, and cherishes her time with their 3 adult children and 2 young grandchildren.


Nancy’s contact information is and

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