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14/38 Boost the quality of your life

Airing September 23rd-29th on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais 

In this show I take you through my formula to boost the quality of life as I have been practicing and that really works for me.

Formula to boost the quality life:

  1. Enhance and maintain the quality of your mind-body states

  2. Take ownership for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions

  3. Totally accept, appreciate and be in awe of yourself as a human being

  4. Enhance the quality of your relationship with yourself and others

  5. Have meaning and purpose in your life

  6. Achieve success

I discuss every point and relate and connect that to how you could apply that and boost the quality of your life.


Have pen and paper ready as you will want to dot down some realizations for yourself.

Challenge for you:

  1. How do you measure yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in all these

For more information on Dina and her shows click here. live-your-best-life/


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