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14/37 ROD SUSKIN – Talks Sangomas today

Airing September 16th-22nd on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Rod Suskin

Rod Suskin, a white Sangoma, from Cape Town, South Africa, is the author of 4 published books and is also a professional Astrologer. His Astrology School teaches an internationally recognized Diploma course in professional astrology, which is also available on line.

Rod was initiated as a Swazi Sangoma in 1982 at the age of 19 and, since living in the Cape, he has furthered his study of African healing and spiritual traditions under the guidance of Xhosa healers. He believes Astrology is a powerful diagnostic tool and guide for the herbal practitioner.

He lectures extensively around South Africa on a variety of metaphysical subjects and also presented at the Parliament of World Religions in 1999. He has also lectured in the UK and the USA on astrology and African spirituality.


For More on Heather and her shows go to. /inspiring-south-africans/


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