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14/35 68 Seconds – Your Book Title

Airing September 2nd-8th on Conscious Business Conversation Host: Pamela Lynch

If your desire is to write your book, an eBook, article, or program to teach others, and you want to speak your truth from your deepest core…your spirit, then tune in.  I’ve shared this creative writing exercise before using Law of Attraction coaching processes. Today you will be guided through The 68 Second Process and The Green Flame Meditation, to write your book title, description, and chapters.  Several PLV-Radio Hosts are collaborating to write a book, and I was inspired to share this with them. And, I share it today for you.  Create. Educate. And Inspire others with your genius that is uniquely yours.

Life is a gift, and I appreciate my career having spent 31 years in book publishing. I love books, people, and am a life-learner and now a teacher through Life Coaching. I appreciate you, and feel blessed to give this guided message to you in order that you can share yours with those waiting patiently for you to write your content. Please share your experience with me.


More on Pamela and her many shows go to /conscious-business/

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