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14/32 “This is NOT your father’s annuity!”

Airing August 12th-18th on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest

For NINGA trained financial advisers, a proper annuity can be a deadly weapon against the risks of becoming a bag lady!

Annuities have been around for a couple hundred years and believe it or not, innovative insurance companies have continued to evolve, modify, create and hone annuity planning where it is now a very powerful and artistic expression to preserve one’s wealth and to guarantee a lifetime income.

Four years ago, my wife and I used $550,000 that was in one of our retirement accounts to purchase a joint survivor annuity which is guaranteed to payout no less than twenty years of income and there is NO LIMIT to the amount that we can collect.  Since I’m planning on living until I am age 150, that means the insurance company would have paid me out $2.85 million!  How cool is that?

No market risk, no default risk, no creditor risk—a very powerful SAFE MONEY TOOL.

You can listen to this show any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening

Tune in next Tuesday and we take a journey through the PROS and CONS of using annuities in your planning to give you a level of peace of mind not available with other financial vehicles

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