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14/32 Storytelling as a Healing Path

Aired August 12th- on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Rev. Frances Fayden 

Storytelling as a Healing Path When we look at great people in history, we see that many of their stories resemble our own. In this powerful interview with my guest Frances Fayden, you will learn why storytelling heals and how she now helps authors, writers, artists share their story and heal. Frances is a messenger for Mother Mary and she guides us through the story of Mary’s Annunciation, and how the steps that Mary took are still relevant in our own lives today as we walk on our annunciation path. An interview not to be missed!

Rev. Frances Fayden is an Interfaith Minister, Sacred Living Mentor and ambassador for the Divine Mother. She is the author of Meditation is Friendship with God and the soon to be published Finding Mary – How the Blessed Mother Healed My Broken Heart, Ignited My Purpose and Connected Me to the Ultimate Source of Power and Love.

She is the founder of the Community of Mary, an online interfaith spiritual community that celebrates the Divine Mother and the Feminine Path of Awakening. She has been working as a healer for over 25 years and has developed her own style of Intuitive Healing, using her intuition to talk directly to her client’s energy field, known as the Chakra System. By doing this, she can help you discover the underlying issues of problems in your life, as well as your Sacred Life Purpose.  In 2012, after a year-long “dark night of the soul” Frances began working with and for the Divine Feminine, specifically Mother Mary. Her focus now is on helping writers, artists and healers have their own direct experience of the Divine, walk their own Sacred Life Path and become Spiritual Leaders, which she does through teleclasses, books and her private mentoring programs.


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