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14/32: Let’s talk about Trigger words

Airing August 12th-18th on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick

This week Jackie talks about trigger words, more specifically the ones that are attached to the word psychic. Why is it that so many react to this one word, the way they do?  How is it that a simple word can affect so many the way that it does?  She asks you to think about the words that trigger you, and ask yourself why?

This shows Take-away  task:

Write down the words that trigger you. Now…  Tune in and see what to do next.

When we begin to fear words…we give them far too much power.  Look at the power that was given to the name Voldermort (in the Harry Potter books) so much so that he was known as “he who shall not be named”, interesting.  When we remove the fear in the word, we start to take back the power we have given it as well.

Tune in for INSTANT LISTENING from NOW on.  

Jackie asks questions like: Do you find that you give more power to one word over another?  Why? Isn’t it time we take back the power?  Join her today!  

More on Jackie and her shows go to   spiritual-awakening/


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