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14/32 Keys to Personal Mastery

Airing August 12th-18th on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais

Personal Mastery means to be in charge of your life and what that means is to be able to run your brain in such a way that you can live the life you want.

  1. It would mean to live your values

  2. To have fulfilling relationships

  3. Be able to be resourceful in any situation so that you can make your best choices

  4. Not to lose your cool

  5. Live your purpose and passions

  6. To be healthy and stress-free

  7. To be successful

However to run your brain to do the above is a journey where you master your states. To bring emotional intelligence to your states so that you can have the quality of states that would empower you to achieve everything you wish and be the person you wish to be.

Explore with me how we unpack running your brain and experience first hand how to build a matrix of states and meanings that will serve you.


For more on Dina and her shows go to /live-your-best-life/


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