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14/32 “Ayurveda The Science Of Life”

Originally Aired August 12th-18th on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Dr Sonica Krishan

Dr.Sonica Krishan, author, teacher, speaker bringing 5000 yr old remedies for health and healing for today’s world!! Healthy and Joyous Living through Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga

My life purpose is to spread the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Holistic Healing to India and rest of the world. Speaking, writing and healing are part of the larger agenda. I have consulted and written for a number of leading Newspapers, Magazines and Pharma Magazines, online & other media for past 20 years. I (and my team members) have been writing content for a number of websites (Ayurveda niche) including sites managed by Chopra Centre, USA (Deepak Chopra). I have been adjudged Top Health Blogger for the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Community by Wellsphere, USA.

And Lo! I was a Published Author

After the success of my first book – Herbal Healers, which came up in the year 2005, I continued authoring more books on Ayurveda and Natural Health care viz. Home Remedies, Healing through Ayurveda and Healing through Ayurveda Herbs in your Kitchen Garden, which are available on Amazon. I have also relished collaborating with other reputed authors globally as a contributing author of the book – ‘The 7 Joys of life’. ‘I am also the Editor’ for Ayurveda section with “All Things Healing”, a USA website and healing forum.


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