14/31 “Who needs a check up…from the neck up?”

Airing August 5th – 11th on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest.

Zig has so many powerful quotes that he has shared with the world and one of my favorite is, “Some folks simply need a check up, from the neck up!”  He is referring to how our attitudes at times will get in the way of us making progress in life.  All progress starts by telling the truth and that’s what we’ll be talking about next Tuesday—telling yourself the truth about where you are at financially and where you are not.

Additionally, most people don’t get  what they want in life because they don’t finish what they start! We’ll be talking about how you can stop sabotaging yourself and start supporting yourself by the use of proper “self-talk”.

You can listen to this show any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening

This will be a FUN SHOW and one that you’ll want to listen to—over and over—and one which you will definitely share with others.

Plug in Next Tuesday and be ready to be inspired, encouraged and empowered!

More on Jeff and his shows go to own-your-money/



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