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Airing August 5th-11th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Brad Bing

Brad Bing heads up a phenomenal organization Sporting Chance in Cape Town South Africa, which gives hope and opportunity to the youth in SA.  Sport is huge in SA and is a country and people unifier anywhere in the world !

24 years ago Sporting Chance was formed to use sport to positively impact the lives of children in South Africa. Today Sporting Chance has grown to become one of the leading sports coaching and development organisations in South Africa.

Says Brad Bing : “For us, empowering our youth is to recognize the ability to use sport to break down the barriers of generations, cultures, race, gender and introduce education and learning initiatives. Through sport and team play many life-skills are identified and nurtured to bring about a positive change in society today.”

Sporting Chance has successfully managed many sports and health outreach programs throughout South Africa including among others :

Street Soccer

  1. Health of the Nation

  2.  Khulani Beach Soccer

  3. Street Cricket

  4. Calypso Cricket

The philosophy of getting children off the streets and onto the sports field has promoted physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to over 150 000 children.

Objectives :

Use sport as a vehicle for the education of children.

  1. Promote and market various sport codes in South Africa.

  2. Identify and nurture raw and natural talent.

  3. Increase the number of girls involved in sport and being physically active.

  4. Reward youth who have made the commitment to stay in school and act as an example to others.

  5. Show children the value of sport in building a positive future.

  6. Provide employment opportunities within a sporting environment.

  7. Build a better understanding between different communities and cultures.

  8. Provide children the platform to learn a new skill.

  9. Get children off the street and into constructive activity during school holidays.

  10. Offer South African children a healthy and positive alternative to a sedentary lifestyle.

  11. To get children off the streets, away from their computer games and TV’s and instill a love for physical activity and sport.

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