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14/31 Coaching Session Demonstration 1

Airing August 5th-11th on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais 

For this episode of Live Your Best Life, I am doing a coaching session with Morné. Morne is a not her real name but for the protection of the client but wishes to share the experience with others. Thank you Morné for being willing to share your coaching session with the listeners of PLV Radio.

In this coaching session we are having a planning conversation. Morné has decided to write a book and the session is about how he would go about making that a reality in his life.

I use the well-formed outcome in coaching, creating some clarity as well as steps and actions.

  1. Why is this important?

  2. When do you want this?

  3. With whom?

  4. Can you do this?

  5. What do you need to do make this happen?

  6. What resources will you need?

  7. What will you gain? What will you lose?

  8. Will achieving this goal enhance your life?

  9. Is this compelling to you? Is it realistic?

  10. What are the obstacles that may derail you and how will you deal with them?

  11. What is the evidence that you can exit the goal?

To hear this show click on link below NOW for INSTANT LISTENING 

On you can set and achieve your goals.

Feel free to send me an email or contact me for a coaching session via skype.

For more on Dina and her shows go to /live-your-best-life/


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