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14/31 Ask Sara about SEX

Aired August 5th-11th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy

Some would call me a prude, some a cold fish, I have had my own sexual adventures, but sex is not enough for me now, not without loving spiritual sensual respect.

I have had a good sexual life, better before being married and with a good experience for a brief time after my marriage, but sex for the sake of it, does nothing for me. Am I getting old? has my libido gone and left me? or is it that I have not found that man who can make love to my soul, heart, spirit and mind first?

My body is not so into the bump and grind, it wants the soft touch that feels cellular and penetrates deep into my very being. Am I asking too much? is there anyone out there who want s the same? or is it all about SEX and not love making any more?




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