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14/30 PJ POWERS  is a living South African legend !

Originally Aired July 29th to August 4th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her musical guest PJ Powers who was voted one of the top 10 people brands in South Africa in 2011 and her musical career has spanned well over 3 decades and crosses all barriers of both age and race.


Her book ‘Here I am’ is out.

PJ has sung with many of the greats – to name a few : Miriam Makeba, Margaret Singana, Steve Kekana, Hugh Masekela, Eric Clapton, Joan Armitrading and Harry Belafonte.

Some of PJ’s Madiba Moments

  1. PJ’s greatest highlight she says, was receiving a letter from Nelson Mandela in 1989, when he was in Victor Verster prison and it is still one of her most treasured possessions.

PJ-Powers-COV-CHOICE-V6-673x1024 (1)
  1. PJ also sang at the inauguration of Mandela as the first democratic President.

  2. Tata honored her again, by asking her to write a special song for his 85th birthday, which she says is still one of her favourite songs and which she sang in front of a celebrity filled room including Oprah, Robert de Niro, The Corrs, Peter Gabriel and the Clinton’s amongst many others.

In the 80′s PJ was named Thandeka, “the Loved One” by the people of Soweto, when she sang one of her biggest hits, “Jabulani” at the Soweto stadium.

You can listen to this show  any time for Instant Listening

For More on Heather and her past shows go to. inspiring-south-africans/


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