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14/30 Good Health is Good Wealth

Aired July 29th  on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest and his guest Chris Cucchiara 

What is your most VALUABLE asset as you enter your Retirement and Golden Years?  Is it a super large IRA?  Is it a portfolio of cash flowing rental properties? Is it a nice pension, guaranteed for life?  My answer is:  D.  None of the above!!

Even though any of these would be nice, and a combination even better, my premise is that YOUR GOOD HEALTH is your most important and most valuable asset….bar none.  What good is a lot of wealth if you don’t have the proper health to enjoy it?  Some people spend their lifetime focusing on building their wealth, then the spend their wealth attempting to stop their deteriorating health.

Tune in next week as I have to opportunity to interview a nationally recognized expert in health and wellness:  Chris Cucchiara whose MindFit Gym has assisted thousands to achieve better health, less disease and increased stamina, endurance and energy.  Chris has been in the health and fitness Industry for over three decades and is the former Mr. California.  He even had the opportunity to work out with “The Governator himself!”

So tune in to be turned  on my next Own Your Money show and be ready for Chris to rock your world in a healthy way!


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