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14/30 Explore your drivers

Airing July 29th to August 4th on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais.

In this episode we explore the drivers in your life. The filters in your sub-conscious mind that determine your mind-body states and therefore your behaviour.


We look at Meta-Programs that are thinking styles and that are evident in your language. We have about 60 Meta-Programs and today we look at two of them – modus operandi and motivation direction.

Meta-programs are learned as we grow up and we can change them by expanding them for more flexibility that will result in more flexible behaviour.

These two meta-programs determine the way we see the world in terms of possibilities or impossibilities as well as what motivates you in life. This also drives the way you make decisions.

Values drive your behaviour at a very deep level and when you satisfy your values you use your natural motivators to drive you to success. Talents, skills and passions result in purpose and is a strong driver, especially when connected to a vision.

When your drivers are aligned you have the best chance to achieve success. You can explore your drivers on

To hear this show click on link below July 29th for INSTANT LISTENING 

For more on Dina and her shows go to /live-your-best-life/


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