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14/3 “Moving Through the Fear of Radical Change”

Airing January 20th 22 & 24th  1 pm on Love of Self with Susan Turnbull

Susan starts a new series with a new name next week.

2014 is a “7” Universal year – spirituality – and with it comes radical change as “in your face” energy forces people to “do the work” if they have not…..

Moving Through the Fear of Radical Change

2014 is a “7” Universal Year. “7” is about “Spirituality” – going within or having changes thrust upon you so you are forced to go within.

Are you going through radical changes in your life right now? Are changes in relationships, finances or geography being thrust upon you? Do you find yourself almost paralyzed with fear of the unknown?

Join Susan on her debut show “Breakthrough!” for 2014 as we explore how to move through the fear of radical change in your life.

The much anticipated end of the Mayan Calendar in December of 2012 brought months and months of information, anticipation and speculation on what kind of change this would bring to our lives on not only a global scale but a personal one as well.

Many were relieved to wake up on December 22, 2012 and find that everything was the same as it was or was it? More people are being thrust into radical change as never before as your old patterns and your old beliefs of lack and limitation are surging to the surface of your everyday reality in an almost “in your face” manner bringing with it energy that demands radical change in your life.

As 2014 arrives, more and more changes will be thrust upon you as we enter into a “7” Universal Year of spirituality.

Join Susan this week as she gives you ways to not only identify how to identify what “radical change” looks and feels like, but tools to help you transition through this time much easier than standing there waiting for the freight train to hit you…

Susan has a special on right now, do take advantage of it.


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