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14/3 Connecting the Dots:

Aired January 20th  on Conscious Business Conversations with Pamela Lynch and her guest with Larry Arrance.

Connecting the Dots: Does Your Marketing Fit With Your Strengths and Values?



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Larry is an author of five books. He has three books including SHARK Techniques for Rapid Re-Employment (a self marketing guide for job seekers), plus two ebooks: Bullet-Proof Self-Confidence, and co-author of Win The Debt Game. His background is in small business as well as personal marketing strategies, copywriting, video marketing, newsletter writing, article and blog content marketing. He specializes in helping individuals and companies with their LinkedIn Bios and marketing strategies.

Larry also is a professional facilitator with over 2200 workshops including his book writing seminar – Unleash the Author Within. Connect with Larry Arrance: Larry’s  books

To learn more about Pamela Lynch click here her past shows  Click here 


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