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14/29 Unleash Your Potential Part 2

Airing July 22nd to 28th on Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais 

Picking up where we left off in the last show, we focus on how to unleash your potential and to use the success formula to do that.


We explore the different elements of the success formula and how to apply that in the process of unleashing your potential and create the life you want.

Establish where you are now

  1. Become aware of what it is that you want in life

  2. Learn what motivates you to stay the course or not

  3. Discover your meanings on feedback and how that will impact on your potential

Have a pen and some paper ready as you will be able to dot down your answers to questions I will ask you to gain self-awareness that may give you new insight into your journey of unleashing your potential.

Discover or confirm the benefits as well as the possibilities of embarking on this journey.

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For more on Dina and her shows go to /live-your-best-life/


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