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14/29 Number ONE Safe Money Vehicle

Aired July 22nd-28th on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest

What is the Number ONE Safe Money Vehicle that can bring you instant POM?

(Peace of Mind)


It will SURPRISE you…..SHOCK you……and even…STIMULATE you!!

It has been around now for over two hundred years….typically, it is not used effectively by your Stockbroker, your Financial Planner, your Banker, your Attorney, your Trust Officer or your Neighbour.

In one-half an hour, you will learn MORE about this tool that you ever have during your entire lifetime.  You will DISCOVER how to use it to TURBO CHARGE your wealth….and how to use it to create a guaranteed lifetime tax-free income.

I’ll give you a warning though:  DON’T tune in without an OPEN MIND…..DON’T show up unless you want to be ENLIGHTENED…and DON’T be afraid to challenge ANYTHING I SHARE.

Okay, hopefully, your intellectual curiosity has gotten the best of you and your appetite for additional truth and wisdom is whetted.


You can listen to this show any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening


More on Jeff and his shows go to own-your-money

Your SAFE Money for Life Coach


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