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14/28 Dream Worker

Aired July 15th to July 21st on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Tania Bownes co Founder DreamWorker

Tania Bownes is the co-founder, together with her husband, Ronald, DreamWorks. DreamWorker is an employment facilitation NGO, based in Cape Town, with satellite offices elsewhere in South Africa. It was set up to help the unemployed in the lower end of the economic spectrum find work. People like gardeners, drivers, domestic workers, artisans and more.

Tania has enjoyed a varied and involved career, from an early beginning in advertising and marketing to a lifelong, passionate interest in a range of healing modalities. She is a Nia teacher of some 11 years and is qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, TRE (tension and trauma release) and more. Her voluntary work is at hospice, where she has worked for 13 years as a touch therapist.

Says Tania – “The many years spent in advertising and marketing, my one on one body therapies and group involvement, whether teaching Nia classes, holding retreats or doing group TRE, has been the best framework for my work at DreamWorker.

Our focus is on people who desperately need help to find work. I am able to write newsletters, prepare copy for adverts and market our NGO on the one hand, yet connect deeply with people on the other. DreamWorker has brought my many interests together.

Long-term, I dream that DreamWorker is able to expand further throughout South Africa. And beyond that, it is to see the people of this beautiful country self-employed and self empowered, so that we no longer even need employment facilitation !”


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