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14/28 “Are you ready to pass the baton?”

Aired July 15th to 21st on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest 

Everybody RUN….you’re never going to get out of here alive!! 


It’s true, eventually everyone…and that includes YOU…will get to take a trip to the hereafter.  BUT, before you go, perhaps there are a few items that you would like to take care of before you go. You know what I’m talking about:  Your updated will, living trust, power of attorney, advanced health care directive or perhaps you need to take your ex-wife off of your 401K beneficiary designation!  These tools are actually your BATONS to use to hand off your STUFF to your loved.

Tune in next Tuesday, as we engage in a FUN, LIVELY and SPICY conversation about HOW to take care of these items.  My premise is that as soon as you get this part of your life organized and put to bed, then you can go about the job of LIVING your life MORE FULLY.

I’ll sprinkle in some real life stories of what NOT TO DO and at the end, will give you specific FREE resources that you can use to GET THE JOB DONE.


We have a new concept, you can listen to this show from its air date any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening


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